Inspiring Inclusion at BW LPG

March 8 marks International Women’s Day (IWD), a worldwide celebration that honors the remarkable contributions of women in various fields, including the social, economic, cultural, and political spheres. We take this opportunity to throw the spotlight on our female colleagues, and the messages of diversity, inclusion and belonging. This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion”, and we hope to inspire our stakeholders to understand and value women’s inclusion, because together, we can build a Better World.  

At BW LPG, we are proud to offer a supportive environment for all colleagues, women and men. Hear from some of our female colleagues – inspiring women leaders in their fields of specialty. From Finance and Trading to Operations and Procurement. Hear from some of our female colleagues at BW LPG. We thank Hanne Evensen, Arancha Remirez, Valerie Lim, and Anne Chevelier for taking time to share their thoughts. 

Inspired to do their best in an inclusive work environment

On what inspires them to do their best at work, Anne Chevalier (General Manager, Fleet Operations & Efficiency) says, “As work takes most of our time, a combination of passion and hard work is essential if one wants to live a fulfilling life and truly make the difference in this world.” Adds Hanne Evensen (Procurement Team Leader), “keep a positive attitude and believe in your abilities. A positive mindset can help you overcome challenges and inspire you to strive for success”.

To the question on how BW LPG provides an inclusive work environment, Valerie Lim (Assistant Manager, ESG) says, “BW LPG implements policies and organises engagements that give me the opportunity to interact with colleagues. The company supports work-life balance, provides mentorship programs, and encourages us to partake in skills training.” Arancha Ramirez (Senior Manager, Risk Management) elaborates, “employees feel that we belong. We have learning and development opportunities, no matter your gender or your culture, and managers are open and willing to speak to any employee, so you really have the sense of being valued.”

There is much more we can do to support gender diversity and fostering inclusion in our industry. Hanne comments, “let’s continue to provide equal opportunities, training, mentoring and career development programs.” Valerie suggests, “we can promote awareness and education at institutions. We can also implement training programs to eliminate unconscious biases, and actively seek diverse talent can contribute to a more inclusive workplace. Additionally, we can create platforms for open dialogue and feedback within the company and the broader maritime industry.”

Arancha sums up the importance of gender diversity nicely with her remark. “It is a fact that inclusive companies are more profitable as diversity provides more approaches for problem-solving and brings different experiences. Women have much to bring to the table, including more collaborative and relationship-oriented leadership.”

Gender Diversity in Shipping

The shipping industry has long been male dominated. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) estimates that women make up about 1.2% of the global seafarer workforce.  As a company, BW LPG supports diversity in all forms, but gender diversity is a particular element we wish to support. In support of International Women’s Day, senior leaders from our Fleet Technical team took a picture in this year’s theme pose, to signal their support for gender diversity at sea. We contribute to enhancing gender diversity by awarding scholarships to qualified female cadets in India, through our Indian subsidiary BW LPG India.   We are also ensuring that female seafarers onboard our vessels can thrive in a welcoming and supportive work environment.

Celebrating International Women's Day at BW LPGCelebrating International Women's Day at BW LPG
From L-R : Linus D‘Souza, (Head of Marine, Vetting and HSEQ), Martin Burton (Fleet Manager), Knut-Helge Knutsen, (VP and Head of Technical)

Happy International Women’s Day

We aim for all employees and seafarers to feel valued and safe, able to bring their personal experiences and cultural backgrounds to their work. As part of BW Group, we have launched various initiatives and policies to ensure respect and a sense of belonging at sea, including Anti-Harassment and Anti-Bullying Guidelines, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) Guidelines, and our Halting Harassment Policy. 

From all of us at BW LPG, Happy International Women’s Day!

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