Supporting our customers with market insights, operational flexibility and maritime expertise.

Very Large Gas Carrier BW Gemini at Enterprise Terminal, USA.

BW Product Services was established in February 2019. A division within BW LPG, the team provides customers with reliable, integrated LPG delivery services, by purchasing LPG and offering it delivered directly to buyers and receivers.

A small team with big ambitions, BW Product Services has grown from strength to strength. Our expansion was fast-tracked with the successful acquisition of the LPG trading operations from Vilma Oil in 2022, which brought a highly experienced team onboard.

BW Product Services aims to provide industry-leading service to customers while continuing to operate within disciplined capital requirements and defined risk thresholds. Led by BW Product Services CEO Amalio Hidalgo, the team serve customers from offices in Singapore, Oslo and Madrid.

LPG Trading

At BW Product Services, through many years of operating and trading experience, we have built a strong network in and a deep understanding of the LPG industry. As a growing team, we currently have offices in Singapore, Madrid and the US to provide global coverage of major LPG markets.

Our touch points within the LPG value chain typically include export terminals (linked to upstream pipelines and storage facilities) and import terminals (linked to downstream storage and transportation). LPG is usually purchased by industrial users in bulk, or in cylinders by retail and domestic users.  LPG is first transported to storage terminals by vessels, trucks or pipelines before being delivered to facilities such as PDH plants, cylinder filling plants and intermediate storage areas.

The Far East will remain the highest consumer of LPG for retail demand. Within the Far East, China accounts for most of the demand. The Middle East is a key growth area for gas plant production as new projects come onstream around 2025/2026 maintaining the region as a dominant LPG supply source for India and Asia markets.

LPG can also be traded on the derivatives market with forward and swaps contracts.

Our Bank Partners

We are pleased to work with leading banks to finance our business. Key partners include Banque Cantonale de Genève (Switzerland), BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA (Switzerland), BNP Paribas (Singapore), Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (Singapore), Citibank N.A. (Singapore), OCBC Bank (Singapore) and Societe Generale (Paris).

What is LPG

LPG is the liquefied form of petroleum gases released during the extraction of crude oil and natural gas or during the refining of crude oil. LPG is a clean energy source relative to other fossil fuels and has numerous applications such as in residential and commercial heating, cooking, fuel for transportation and as a petrochemical and refinery feedstock. LPG is also used within industrial processes and the production of fertiliser, and are carried in specialist vessels of 15,000-84,000 cbm. These vessels transport cargo in a liquid form, under pressure or in a refrigerated state on global routes such as the Middle East to Southeast Asia and the Far East.

Much of global LPG supply is from countries that are distant from consuming regions. Approximately a quarter of LPG produced is exported by sea. The Arabian Gulf is the largest hub for LPG exports, and Asia is the world’s largest importing hub for LPG.

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