Delivering LPG. Returning value to our shareholders. Powering a cleaner-energy future. This is what BW LPG is about. And all these are possible, only because of our seafarers.

Today, we celebrate the Day of the Seafarer, with safety as its theme. Safety is a top priority for us at BW LPG and nothing else matters if we do not bring our team members home safely. Vice President and Head of Technical Knut-Helge Knutsen comments, “Our seafarers are experienced specialists, and there is so much to learn from colleagues every day.” We shine the spotlight on some of our colleagues onboard as they share how they keep each other safe at sea.

Says Captain Dhruv Manan, Master onboard BW Njord, “Maintain situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings, pay particular attention to moving or energized equipment. Report any issues immediately”.

Captain Vinod Sharma, Master onboard BW Balder adds, “Don’t work alone. Build a team. We all have different knowledge and experience. By working together, we can display leadership qualities. We also know that our team members are safe, and that our jobs for the day are done well.”

Third Officer Elizabete Lodite onboard BW Aries contributes, “Ensure that you always take time to check your personal protective equipment or PPE. Regular inspections are important. For example, I check the condition of our safety suits on a monthly basis. Together, we keep each other safe.”

Chief Engineer Rommel Patalagsa onboard BW Magellan says, “Before doing maintenance on electrical supply, always make sure the machinery is isolated, and Lock-out-tag-out is applied.”

From all of us at BW LPG, we wish our seafarers, and all seafarers, a Happy Day of the Seafarer!

BW LPG thanks VP and Head of Technical Knutsen, Captain Sharma, Captain Manan, 3O Lodite, CE Patalagsa, and 3E Robert John Agbay for supporting the production of this video.

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